pim Jansson

MSc Nutrition, BSc (hons) Biomedical Science, Bulletproof Coach/Cancer Coach in training

Photobombing! I am the prettiest flower here!

Photobombing! I am the prettiest flower here!

My name is Pim Jansson and I’m here to help you overcome the constant pressure and fatigue that you are struggling with. You may feel overwhelmed but I can assure you that it is possible, because I have done it myself.

Everyone has a different story, but in effect, our busy lives lead to feelings of not being enough or accomplishing enough. You want to be a good mum, a good partner/wife, a good friend, a good daughter, a good employee, and you are trying to live up to all the expectations society are having on you. I have spent many years trying to live up to different aspects of these.

For more than 10 years I was a freelancing self-employed personal trainer and diet adviser. I was not very good at saying no and I used to wake up every morning with stiff joints, head aches several days a week, and feeling as if I was at least 40 years older than I was. I had constant sugar cravings and despite being a diet advisor knowing better than that, a single day without eating sugar was a major achievement for me. Moving away from the nutritional guidelines towards a low carbohydrate high fat palaeolithic diet helped me manage my sugar cravings a lot better. However, no single nutritional intervention will be able to offset the damage of stress. I knew I had to change my lifestyle in some way. Working as a nutritionist and personal trainer was just too much hard work. Although I loved seeing my clients I was not happy with the long hours which made my personal life non-existent. I decided to study for a second degree in Biomedical Science since this is right up my street. I thought that I would love working in a laboratory. Interesting job, decent pay and set working hours. How wrong was I? Yes I find lab testing fascinating and I love interpreting the results to figure out what has gone awry, but that is for the clinicians to do, not the lab staff. Unless of course I find the perfect job where I can combine lab testing with nutritional research. Unfortunately these opportunities do not grow on trees.

So I finally decided to take the leap. I started Leading Edge Health Coaching to help women like me figure out what is going on with their health and the best way of getting to where they want to be. I can now do what I love: helping others by doing detective work and apply small but effective changes to diet and lifestyle in order to achieve their goals. At the same time I can spend a lot of time reading and researching about the things that I am interested in to help both myself and my clients to improve our lives. I have more time to walk my wonderful dogs, see my friends, practice Olympic weightlifting, hang out with my partner, and engage in some experimental low carbohydrate natural food cooking. These may not be your goals, but I am positive we can find a solution to your struggles to give you a more balanced and happy life. If you are prepared to put the work in to change your life I would love to help you on your journey!