recommended books


All books recommended by me are books I have read myself. Each book will have a short review and a link to where you can purchase the book. If you have found a specific book useful and would like me to share this with others, please message me so that I can read the book myself  prior to recommending it. If you want to support the work that I am doing I would appreciate if you bought the books through the links below as it will generate me a small affiliate fee with Amazon. 


The hormone reset diet

The Hormone Reset Diet is easy to read and the program is easy to implement into your everyday life. It is an excellent book which will most likely generate very good results for those who do not have a good diet already or those who are majorly overweight or obese. If this applies to you I am more than happy to recommend this book and I am convinced that you will have good results. If you are already having a good diet and lifestyle but think you are having hormonal imbalances and/or a more serious condition, this book may be best used with more comprehensive resources, a knowledgeable health coach or medical professional in conjunction with thorough lab testing.


the hormone secret

This book makes me smile. Although Dr Tami is talking a bit about hormone balance, testosterone deficiency is very much the focus of this book. It complements The Hormone Reset Diet pretty well since testosterone is only addressed as something some women have in excess. There are some useful tips about how to increase the efficacy of your liver and adrenals in order to balance your hormones. Dr Tami has (as far as I am aware) coined the term “Scream Cream” and is not afraid to recommend small doses testosterone supplements to women to increase their sexual desire and zest for life. I definitely recommend this book for those who are thinking about testosterone supplementation or those who have low energy and desire.



This is an earlier book from Dr Sara Gottfried and much more comprehensive. If you are the type who likes to get into the nitty gritty of things this may be the book for you. It is not as hands on as the Hormone Reset Diet, but it certainly provides a lot more in terms of self-diagnosis and goes into greater depth about targeted supplements, lifestyle, and bio-identical hormones. For those interested it is definitely worth a read.